The solar monsoon

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We the proud nation of Pakistan, in the land of the pure, have a long history of laziness and being late if not last to the party. We only wake up when we see our neighbors to the East (read India) do it successfully. Then in a fit of rage and anger, we spring to action.

The tale of solar power in Pakistan runs along the same old lines. While India was busy setting up indigenous solar panel plants, we kept pushing our points of why not to build Kalabagh dam, it’s another point that we didn’t build any other mega dam instead of Kalabagh too, but the good old train left us like always. Now our leaders have visited our tried and tested friend (China) and let’s hope that all the MOUs signed will lead to something that will help the situation of our utility power.

India has already crossed 2000 MW in grid connected solar power and 20,000 MW in wind power. This does not include all the solar power systems that are off the grid.

Although there were reports and news article of much needed help for the solar power sector in Pakistan from a long time, but for the people who were working in this field, the ground reality did not change.

Just recently there’s a tremendous amount of activity in solar power in Pakistan. Not even the biggest expert of this field could have predicted it. It’s almost like how after a long and dry heat spell, the monsoons arrive and with it change the landscape to such a degree that no one can imagine what this place looked like just a couple of months ago.

So now, while the solar monsoon is upon us, we will be talking about the activity happening in our country, that doesn’t get printed or does get printed. We will connect the dots between various projects and people will share any information that they have with all of us.

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2 Responses

  1. Khalid says:

    Spot on and very well composed. I look forward to reading more information about solar and alternate energy in Pakistan.

  2. Assad says:

    I was randomly searching for the solar projects going on in Pakistan and I surprisingly got to this blog. Did not know some one was keen at keeping the track. Nice initiative. Looking forward to more.